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When it comes to building sustainable, energy e?cient projects that are environmentally and ?scally responsible, mechanical, electrical and contracting companies struggle at times to ?nd a balance between quality, e?ciency and collaboration that strikes a chord with their clients.

With sixty-plus years of ?nding and implementing cost e?ective, long term solutions to large and complex commercial projects everything from building facilities to manufacturing plants. Graha Telkomsigma experience sets them apart from other mechanical, electrical and contracting companies.

Graha Telkomsigma has been a leader in mechanical, electrical and construction for many years, focusing its vision on a future with environmentally sound buildings, responsible energy management, e?ciency, and sustainability.

Through the prudent use of quality materials and innovative building methods, Graha Telkomsigma has emerged as one of the leading mechanical & electrical contracting companies in the nation. Graha Telkomsigma Companies uses design build techniques that e?ciently carry out a project from start to ?nish.

Graha Telkomsigma team of engineers, designers and contractors work with clients to conceptualize and design their project and see it through construction and inspection phases to ensure that all project goals are achieved in a timely and e?ective manner.

PT. Graha Telkom Sigma
GTS provides support in the development of our expanding data center facility. GTS is also now responsible for new business development of our BaliCamp facility
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